Use a very light drag since they don't have much fight in them for at least a year after they are planted. You'll want to use a 4lb leader 1-3' long. 6lb line works if that's what you have. Just about any lure between 1/16oz and 3/8oz will work for stocked trout, but you can occasionally go up to 1/2oz.

Ultralight is my favorite rod power to fish for trout (when I'm not fly fishing for them). Light or Medium-Light also work. If you already have a medium power rod, that will work too - but you won't feel much of a fight.

  1. PowerEggs: I switched from powerbait about 2 years ago and never looked back. A jar or powereggs will last basically forever since 2 eggs will last at least 5 fish, often 12 . About the only time I ever lose them is on the rare snag or break-off from being lazy and not replacing my leader all day. No mess, no lingering stink, and always floats the same. I also catch at least as many, if not more, then I ever did on powerbait. Just put 2 eggs on the back of a size 8 single egg hook leaving the point exposed. Use 1/4oz or 3/8oz weight above your swivel (which should be 1' to 3' from the hook). Sunrise is my favorite color, with Lemon Lime and BubbleGum tied for second.
  2. Spoons: Make sure to use a small-ish swivel on these to prevent line twist. It can be a swivel w/ a clip connected straight to the spoon or about 2' up the line. Cast, let it sink to your desired depth, then retrieve just fast enough for it to wobble, but not rotate over itself. Kastmaster is my favorite brand, and I love blue chrome or green chrome.
  3. Spinners: No swivel. Cast it out while keeping a relatively tight line as it falls to depth, then give your rod a decent sweep at the start of your retrieve to get the blade spinning. You should be able to feel the blade vibrate in your rod tip. Mepps or Rooster Tails are both great. White w/ black dots or brown w/ black dots are my go-to.

Trout are often fed pellet like fish food when they are being farmed. So stocked trout will almost always hit orange, white, and chartreuse power bait because its already familar to the fish.. but usually only 1 specific color on a given day will hit the best.... so I always take all 3. It does so well it feels like cheating.

After that live bait. Minnows, mealworms, redworms, maggots, and night crawlers will pull trout.

Artificial lures I usually have the most luck with twister tails and small daredevil spoons.

Also they like the small colorful marshmallows you get in bulk at the grocery store. It sounds crazy but my husband and I went fishing in a trout stocked lake and we caught a fish nearly every cast with the marshmallows.

Nothing else we used worked half as well.